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Indulgence, in moderation is good. Every Monday morning as I head into work I stop off on my way and pick up a chocolate old fashion donut. Nothing starts the week off better than that. Could I have a  donut every morning? Other than the fact that would eventually contribute to Insulin Thursday? Of course I could. But it would take something away from the enjoyment I get out of that moment, which is a mixture of anticipation and satisfaction from remaining disciplined enough not to scarf down multiple donuts every week.

Satirical writing is my calorie-free indulgence that allows me to have multiple helpings.

What’s your DonutMonday?


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  1. littlebro #

    Dude! This is great stuff! It is a year old and I hadn’t read it yet. get back at it if you can.

    May 7, 2010
  2. “do nut” -one can only assume this is a clever play on words -nicely done as no one has seemed to catch on …..because, a “doughnut” eating triathlete is a rare find 🙂
    And why are these posts such a rare occurrence? Quite enjoyable
    More more!!!!

    April 5, 2012

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