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Where’s Reice?

Conquering jet lag and powering through the fear of what lies ahead Donelle arrived safe and sound to her home away from home for the next 2 months. Hit head on with a wave of humidity and trepidation she boarded the bus for the multi hour ride to the volunteer compound. We decided early on that dorm style housing is for the young so we upgraded her to the presidential suite which features a thin foamed bunk bed, a rickity chair and all the hot water you can use daily as long as it’s less than 3 minutes.


I know – you can’t tell the difference with this shower and the 4 Seasons d8bc8757-8899-43c1-9999-aefe9dd8bb53

After settling in she got a tour of her surroundings. It was the weekend so most of the other volunteers were gone on mini excursions with a fresh batch of 8 pledges (I mean recruits) arriving on Monday. There are 20 other current volunteers that were already in various stages of experiencing their time here when she arrived. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. There are also 2 resident dogs who go everywhere and are super loving and loyal.

This is Spot. Little known fact. Fijians pick obscure names for their pets that have nothing to do with their behavior or physical look.

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This is the common area where the team gathers every night and has the welcoming ceremony for new arrivals and departing ceremony for those that that are completing their volunteer work.


On Sunday night Donelle was officially welcomed to the team with her induction ceremony. She dresses up and drinks a ceremonial drink called kava which numbs your mouth and is a slightly happy narcotic. Ironically the same concoction I’m taking intravenously daily to get me through 8 weeks of single dad_dom. American name for is is Cabernet.




Then it was off to the elegant open air dining room to feast more and presumably drink more Kava.


Meanwhile back in that house that testosterone built me and the boys are having a blast. Want to lounge in your boxers all day on the weekend? Green light. Top 25 NCAA basketball games at 10, 1, 3 and 5pm? We’re in. Impromptu yet brilliant Sharks game tickets audible 3 hours before puck drop? I like your style child #2. Hit the buy button. We are clearly still in the honeymoon phase of operation Mommy ain’t here to bail you out. This should be interesting.


Funny thing barely worth mentioning. This happens to be the last photo of Reice at the Shark game and we kinda haven’t seen him since. I’m sure he will turn up and he’s just being practical joker Reice hiding (for 5 days) He’s clearly dedicated to his craft to pull one over on good old Dad. Haha. 7 weeks to find him.




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